Static Site Generator in C#

Bake your website with all optimizations:

  Baker.exe --bake c:\Project



Development Cycle

In order to launch and serve the static website in a in-process webserver, use 'serve' command. This will watch any modifications you make to the files and auto-update and reload your browser for you. The default port is 8080, so please open a browser on once you started.

  Baker.exe --serve c:\Project


More features and extensible pipeline. Clone and extend!

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    Markdown and Razor

    Combine Markdown and Razor view engine, layouts, sections and helpers.

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    Various optimizations: HTML minifier, CSS minifier, JavaScript minifier and PNG optimizer.

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    Simple Pipeline

    Elegant design using a pipeline model for processors and various combinations.

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    Rapid Development

    Integrated web server for testing and effective development cycle support with live page reload.